Men's Breakfast Report, June 2007


The Men’s Breakfast Group met Saturday, June 9, 2007 with Winston Rossow, pastor of the Miracle House of Prayer church. 

The church was founded by a woman who felt called to go to the end of  Route 288 and start a church.  Sh,e of course, ended up in Freeport.  When she retired she chose Winston to take over as pastor, although there was some opposition.  The Church is non-denominational.  There are several Miracle House of Prayer churches scattered throughout the country, but they are all independent.  The Miracle House of Prayer recently bought the Agape church building down the street from our church.  Agape Church recently moved to the Slaughter Road Baptist church building.  The congregation of the Miracle House of Prayer is primarily black with a few Hispanic families.  The congregation has about thirty-five families that tithe and an average attendance of about sixty.  There is an active youth program which Winston believes is necessary for the survival of a church. 

Winston was raised in Freeport, attended Lanier School and graduated from Brazosport High School. He managed to stay out of trouble during high school, which he attributes to various mentors including George Robertson, Iwest Strambler and Hannis Prince.  Winston is a part of the black community and related to the Waddys, but does not look black at all. This shows that the black community is as much a social community as a racial community.  Winston enlisted in the Marines to avoid the army during the Vietnam War.  He discovered that this was a big mistake the first day of basic training.  He related that he would read the Bible under the covers with a flashlight during basic training.  After his service he returned to Brazosport and took various jobs until he was accepted into the pipefitters program at Dow.  He worked several years as a pipefitter.  When Dow eliminated its pipefitters he went to work for the county.  Dude Payne appreciated his work as a pipefitter and hired him when he came available.  Winston earns his money from his county job, not as a pastor.  He would like to participate more in the ministerial alliance, but he usually has to work on Thursdays. 

Some discussions were held about cooperation between the churches but no definite ideas were advanced.  Winston was impressed by our Fellowship Hall with its stage. 

As usual, the men had an informative discussion and enjoyed a good breakfast.  All men are invited to the next Men’s Breakfast on July 14.