Men's Breakfast Report, May 2008

The Men’s Breakfast Group met May 10, 2008 with Ondra Waddy, Brazosport basketball coach and pastor of the First United Missionary Baptist Church. 

Ondra grew up in Freeport. He went to Velasco Middle school when Chuck Williams was principal.  Chuck visited at the beginning of the breakfast and told how he organized a one-on-one basketball game between Ondra and the superintendent of the school district.  Ondra graduated from Brazosport High School where he met his wife Patsy. 

He received a scholarship to go to San Marcos.  He did not like it there and after his freshman year he took a drive and saw Shriner College.  He met with the basketball coach who gave him a full scholarship, including room and board.  This allowed him to graduate without debt, unlike his wife who is still paying on her student loans.  He got a degree in business and accounting.  After college he worked in Houston at an accounting firm for a couple of years and tried to become a professional basketball player.  Unfortunately he just missed the cut and never played professionally.  He then decided that he would rather coach and teach than be an accountant so he came back to Brazosport to teach.  For the last several years he has coached basketball and taught algebra at Brazosport High School.  His team made a run for state championship this year but didn’t make it.  He has also worked with NOBCChE, especially with his three children, Josh, Ashley and Isaiah.

He decided to become involved in the ministry while in college.  He has been active in various churches and was ordained a couple of years ago. Last year he was called to be pastor at the First United Missionary Baptist Church.  He has not been to seminary because of lack of time.  One of the goals of his church has been to have a pastor resident in Freeport to provide support to the youth of the community.  Many teenagers look up to pastors and coaches so he provides a great role model to the local youth. At school he emphasizes good behavior to students who want to play for him.  He also sponsors a club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which meets in his classroom, often with standing room only. 

His church has attracted several youth.  There were eighteen youth in the choir last Sunday.  He has also had several baptisms.  His church does not have a fellowship hall for non-worship activities.  We discussed having some joint youth activities at our church since we have plenty of room and no activities for the few youth we have.   We also discussed summer programs in general.  We decided that having a citywide summer youth pastor might be a good thing and that we and the ministerial alliance should discuss it for next summer. 

Finally, before we broke up, the question was raised about next year’s basketball team.  Everyone wants the state championship.  The men had an interesting discussion and a good breakfast.  Our next meeting, June 14, will feature the commander of the local Coast Guard station as featured guest.