The Resurrection Window

"...the third day He rose again from the
dead; He ascended into Heaven, and sitteth on the
right hand of God the Father Almighty;..."

Resurrection Symbols

Crown. The Crown symbolizes the Kingship of our Lord;
His victory over sin and death; His place of honor at
the right hand of God the Father. I Timothy 6:16;
Revelation 14:14; Romans 8:34.

Butterfly. The Butterfly symbolizes our Lord's Resurrection and
the resurrection of those who die in Christ. I Corinthiams 15:20-23.

Lamb with Banner. Derived from prophecy,
the Lamb is the most enduring figure for our Lord.
Reference is to the sacrificial Lamb of Israel. With
the banner of Victory, it represents the risen Christ.
Isaiah 53:7; Revelation 5:6.

Lily. Probably based on the emergence of the flower from the
seemingly dead bulb. As such, it symbolizes the resurrection
from the dead.

in memory of Harvey F. Pessarra and Charles A. Pessarra, Jr.

Given by

Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Long
The Hubert Davenport Family
Virgie Pessarra and C. Anthony Pessarra
Irwin John Seward, Jr., and Charlotte Pessarra Seward